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System Features

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Treatment Plans, Predetermination
  • Recall Management
  • Psychographic Data and Analysis
  • Treatment and Account History
  • Referral Tracking and Letters
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Charge Schedules
  • Multiple Fee Guides
  • Accounts Receivable, Aged Reports
  • Posts and Notes
  • Day Sheets
  • Chart Pulling Report
  • Confirmation List
  • Insurance Coverage
  • CDA/Net
  • Resubmission
  • Goal Setting
  • Production and Reporting
  • Integrated Word Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Receipts, Statements and Forms

The System for Dental Professionals


Genie delivers a full range of benefits to enhance every aspect of your dental practice.

Business Management Benefits

  • Allows you to monitor daily, weekly and monthly productivity, by clinic and by provider, through informative reports and displays.
  • Allows you to monitor the growth of the practice in terms of financial performance, as well as by procedure code, new clients and referral tracking.
  • Allows you to monitor productivity based on your working hours, booked appointments, billings and collections.

Target Marketing Benefits

  • Enables you to provide continuity in patient care and cultivate long-term relationships through comprehensive treatment planning and recall management.
  • Provides the ability to gather statistical information through psychographic data, treatment planning and insurance criteria, and market services to clients through letters and mailers.

Office Management Benefits

  • Retains appointment information, treatment plans, treatment history and accounts receivable, and combines the ability to display or print account information, statements and receipts.
  • Provides days sheets, confirmation lists, appointment slips, financial arrangement information and charge-out schedules.
  • Allows real-time access to the same account by multiple users, thus enabling different disciplines to work on one patient's file at the same time.

Profit Builder/Cost Controller Benefits

  • Facilitates client follow-up--the key to consistent practice and profit growth--through recall management, treatment planning, posts and notes and accounts receivable.
  • Accomodates multiple fee guides, retains pre-authorizations and tracks missed and cancelled appointments.
  • Helps you build relationships with your referral sources through referral tracking.

End User Benefits

  • Convenience of on-line reporting and information display with access to menus and selections, saving paper and time.
  • Effective tools to manage client accounts via memos, credits, debits, account history, and real-time processing.
  • Flexible networking expertise, PC file transfer, third party interface and software, hardware and operating-system support.

Read the System Modules to learn more.