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Genie has marketed Solid, Performance oriented Text-based clinical and practice management software solutions to Dental, Optometric, and Medical clinics across Canada since 1992. Our offices are located in Canada where staff, development, support, administration and sales departments reside.

Genie provides three areas of the medical industry with integrated solutions. Our solutions range from IBM Power Series Servers running IBM AIX to X86/64 Based Servers running UNIX, Linux and Solaris or as clients running over the net from our Application Servers. Clients may be single station practices to hundreds of stations local or remote, with Windows PC's, Mac's, Citrix Clients, Thin Clients and ASCII Workstations on the work desk

Dental Package
Our dental solutions provide comprehensive scheduling, billing, reporting and integration to third party back office and clinical software packages. Genie has arrived to become a steady leader in providing functional, efficient and productive software and support. Genie was built from the ground up to work like a dental office does.
Optometric Package
Genie is a leader in providing effective and comprehensive Practice Management Solutions to Optometrists across Canada. This modular software package and integration of complimentary software provides the right fit for each individual office. Genie was Canada's first fully integrated software package that allowed the optometric office to go chartless.
Medical Package
Genie's solid scheduling, billing and reporting system provides an intuitive software solution. This well thought solution is flexible to make a perfect fit for all clinics across Canada.

The Power To Do It All Genie Software.

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